MetaTexis for Word

MetaTexis for Word is a CAT tool. CAT means "Computer Aided Translation", and this is exactly what MetaTexis is supposed to do: It helps translators to translate. (For more information about CAT tools see this page: Why a CAT tool?.

MetaTexis is a powerful and professional tool with many functions and options you will not find in other CAT tools. And MetaTexis runs in Microsoft Word. This means, all MetaTexis functions are available from within Word. So you do not have to learn a completely new program, but only new functions in a powerful and familiar environment.

The best way to find out what MetaTexis does to help you with your translations is to install the trial version and play around with the program. You will quickly find out how to use MetaTexis, for it is easy to use and integrates smoothly in Word. Just click here and install MetaTexis right away!

For more information, see the following links:

     - Features
     - Versions