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  • Susanne Weber (Freelancer - Germany)
    After having worked with several programs, including Across, the result of a comparison is clear: MetaTexis is a brilliant piece of software. There is no other CAT tool being so straightforward, easy-to-use and fast. When I bought it two years ago I had to start translating right away without any training (due to lack of time), and this learning-by-doing was just fun! Especially, the presentation of TM hits, partial hits and terminology is so time-efficient and convenient. Each time I have to work with another CAT tool I am looking forward to working with MetaTexis again! The seamless integration in MS Word is just great. There is no need to struggle with a complicated user-interface that requires the size of modern TV flatscreens. Nevertheless no important function is missing or incorrectly working (concordance search!). Additionally, there is the friendly and superfast support, if there is an issue to be solved (which hardly ever happens). Who knows if I would still work as a translator if there was no MetaTexis program. I was so lucky to find it! And the price is awesome, anyway. Upshot: Just use MetaTexis, you will not regret it!

    F Callen (freelancer - Lochgilphead, Scotland)
    Just wanted to thank you for developing this amazing application! After a year's sabbatical it has enabled me to re-enter the marketplace without shelling out hundreds of pounds on Trados. To be honest, I was a little bit wary when starting out with MetaTexis but, despite the complex-looking and still largely unexplored menus, it is remarkably simple and easy to use. (Why on earth is Trados so expensive?!) I've even found myself doing non-TM translations on it because of the convenience of having the source text there in front of me at all times.
  • Martin Wenzel (freelancer - Germany)
    I like your prompt replies and would call this perfect customer service. One more reason to stick with MetaTexis. I was so completely fed up with the TRADOS customer service.
  • Robert Sleigh (freelancer - Germany)
    MetaTexis is a great program - much better than Trados!! For example, the Trados Multiterm program is a really annoying! Since yesterday I have played around with Metatexis for a few hours, and I have created several terminology database almost instinctively, by importing glossaries with different file formats - with Multiterm I would have needed decades. Currently I am doing a translation that I started with Trados, but from now I will work with MetaTexis!
  • Lucia Colombino (freelancer - Uruguay)
    Did I ever tell you how much I enjoy MetaTexis? With Trados, Word crashes all the time, so I have to do everything in Tag Editor. It's like driving a tractor down an avenue... and I miss all the features of Word. Returning to MetaTexis is like taking my high heels off after a party!
  • Wulf-Dieter Krüger (freelancer - Thailand)
    I take my hat off to you! With MetaTexis you created a piece of software that excels Trados or Wordfast. To use the program is so intuitive that you need the manual only for getting a broad overview. I have done 3 translations with MetaTexis so far (one being an internal test), and I have purchased a license right after the test.
  • Ricardo Sinclair (freelancer - Panama)
    After shortly having tested your program I have started to use it for translations. I don't know much about CAT tool, but your tool is really great. I have tried other programs (Wordfast and Across) = cero bolero! As a freelancer I can only thank you!
  • Martin Macura, MA, PhD. (teacher - Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia)
    I keep promoting and using Metatexis in my classes and elsewhere, and my students seem to like it a lot. This semester I’m partly focusing on a comparative hands-on analysis of Metatexis and other CAT tools. The students had a chance to try the demo versions of other competitive tools (including the most prominent competitors like Trados) and they were quite critical about them. Compared to Metatexis, they provide limited functionality and control over the translation process, yet for reasons unknown, they are preferred by many, including the European Commission.
    Metatexis is a perfect tool in my course outline since it provides a lot of elbow space in my seminars, its multiple functions foster critical comparative thinking, it is very easy to deploy, and unlike other tools, the Metatexis support also provides free student versions.
  • Vicken Avrikian (Ottawa, Canada):
    MetaTexis is not only faster than Trados, SDLX, MultiTrans and Fusion that I benchmarked, but in my 3-year experience using it (English to French), it also
    - recognizes more segments (and portions of segments) from the various memories
    - its Termbase module is far easier to use than others (although it limits you to predefined fields)
    - its Import/Export function with TMX files is very reliable
    - the way it handles Excel and PowerPoint files is flawless and very user-friendly
    - it allows setting a lot more parameters for each type of projects
    - it displays results in oh so many ways
    - it only occupies one place in the MS Word menu (no need to open other programs and have another tab in the bottom of the screen)
    - technical support is undeniably and consistently faster
    - it is much more affordable
  • Christiane Weill (freelancer - Weilheim, Germany):
    Many thanks for your friendly support! Not only because of this, but also because I think that MetaTexis is just GREAT, I keep promoting MetaTexis whenever I talk to my colleagues!
  • Lucía Colombino (freelancer - Montevideo, Uruguay):
    Yesterday I started using the program. I just wanted to try it, and printed out your "Quick Start " instructions only (I know, I should read the complete instructions, but I haven't had the time). This is just to tell you that I am amazed at how easy this is to understand. If I can say that, believe me, it's easy. So, with less than 24 hours use, I wanted to congratulate you and thank you for letting me use this trial version. I hope this is the beginning of a long relationship!
  • Berni B. (freelancer - Barcelona):
    I do not work with Trados, I work with Metatexis, which I have found to be the best, simplest and cheapest CAT tool on the market. Metatexis will open Trados files and will save in a Trados readable format, so I have done work in the past requiring Trados without having to learn that incredibly complicated beast, or without having to purchase it at the scandalous price they ask for it. I did try a copy of Trados 6 some time back, but saw no advantage for me personally in using the program. The learning curve involved was so shallow it would have taken me weeks of valuable translating time to learn to use it efficiently, so I deleted it from my PC. In contrast, an hour with Metatexis and I had learned most of what I use on a day to day basis.
  • Fabrizio Giuffrida (freelancer - Italy):
    I am a professional translator and started using MetaTexis about two weeks ago. I am really satisfied by this software, and though I still have to fully understand its potential I can already say that it is MUCH better than Wordfast!
  • Dr. Grazia Musumeci (freelancer - Italy):
    I've just "met" your wonderful product MetaTexis. After trying the impossible, difficult tools Trados, Wordfast and co., I think this is PARADISE!!! If you experienced the "hell" of Trados and Co., MetaTexis IS the way out indeed. I really felt relieved in finding it. Thanks for making it.
  • Markus Hagner (Germany):
    If I ever take part in a survey asking for the program with the best support I will suggest MetaTexis!
  • Igor Kreknin (freelancer - Latvia):
    The new TDB search feature is really fantastic! I like MetaTexis more and more :) That was really a very good acquisition. I've got access to DVX and Trados 7, but I work with MetaTexis only :)
  • Daniel Goldman (freelancer - Germany):
    Once again, my belief has been confirmed that purchasing MetaTexis was an excellent investment. MetaTexis was already a reliable and fully- featured CAT tool with a pleasurably intuitive interface when I bought it a year and a half ago, but since then the program has undergone numerous improvements. This is due to the remarkable efforts and abilities of the program's developer Mr. Hermann Bruns. The words "customer support" or "bug fixes" hardly do justice to the extraordinary care and attention that he provides to the users of his program and to his product. Every question, query or request from a user is answered promptly and personally, and solutions to difficulties are typically incorporated into a newer version within a few days. I heartily recommend MetaTexis to any translator interested in a CAT tool. The more MetaTexis users the better.
  • Lorena Barros (freelancer - Chile):
    I would like to tell you how happy, satisfied and grateful I am for the translation tool you have put in my hands. After having been able to work with it for some months, I do appreciate MetaTexis as it has become a precious support that eases my job. Thank you for a great tool and congratulations for the excellent product you have developed.
  • Ladislav Filo (freelancer - Slovak Republic):
    I tried Trados demo a couple of days ago and must say that MetaTexis is far much better, easier and more comfortable.
  • Antonio Lucidi (freelancer - Italy):
    If compared to Wordfast, Metatexis offers many more useful, time-saving features, at a cheaper price. You choose to follow a global approach and a versatile tool to satisfy users average demand and wallet.
  • Herbert Kuner (Netherlands)
    After having worked with Wordfast for some time I bought another computer and had to look for a CAT tool (Wordfast can not be transferred without a new license key). For this reason, I tested several programs. Some of these were not relevant for me because I only work part time as a translator, some of the were just too expensive.
    Comparison between MetaTexis and Wordfast: Wordfast offers fewer useful functions, especially regarding searching in translation memories and customizing settings. Moreover, Wordfast is clumsier, when you have to stop working in the middle of a section of a table and you have to start again. And the end of a TU can hardly be manipulated individually. Finally - very important - Wordfast does not display the source text when displaying a fuzzy search result, and the differences between source text and translation are not displayed. On top of this, MetaTexis look nicer and is less expensive. I have not yet encountered any disadvantages. Upshot: Compared to the other low-price alternatives, MetaTexis is unrivalled.
  • Bill Bergman (translation agency "" - Turkey):
    Thank you for all your support and the work that you have put into MetaTexis. Even though we have also purchased Trados, we much prefer to use MetaTexis because it is much more intuitive and easier to use. You also have many features that Trados does not have. We have decided as a company to start using freelance translators more frequently and will insist that all of the people who work with us use MetaTexis.
  • Terry Thatcher (freelancer - New York):
    I upgraded to Word 2003 and downloaded MetaTexis 2003, and it works beautifully! (Also BTW, Trados will NOT! They have just lost a customer, although in the past I had both packages.) Thanks for your excellent customer support, and for letting the same license work for all the versions of your outstanding product. That really made my week!

  • Linda Billqvist (freelancer - Germany):
    I have now worked with MetaTexis and I am enthusiastic about it. It's a pity that your program is not very well known  (eg. compared to Wordfast). The general picture of MetaTexis is more appealing to me, it is easer to install and there are more functions. And, your license conditions are much more user-friendly, of course. Moreover, the compatibility with Trados is just great.
  • Claudia Alvis (freelancer - Peru):
    Wow, that was amazingly fast. As usual, the best Tech service you can find. Version 2 is great, especially the Powerpoint platform.
  • Jason Roberts (freelancer - USA):
    Frankly, I love the program. I have had no problem importing/exporting the required files for those jobs that 'require Trados'. Tech support is fast and helpful. And the price is right!