MetaTexis for Word - Purchase

Version EURO* US $*
MetaTexis for Word Lite 19 ca.22
MetaTexis for Word Pro 59 ca. 70
MetaTexis for Word NET/Office 89 ca. 105

How to purchase?

Please send an email to, you will then get an invoice and payment instructions. You can either pay via PayPal or via transferring the amount to be paid directly to the account specified below. If you are located in Germany, you have to add 19 % VAT* to the net price. As soon as the money has arrived at our account, we will send you an email with the license key(s).

* Note on VAT: If you purchase from within Germany, VAT has to be added (19 %) in any case. If you purchase from inside the European Union, VAT has also to be added (19 %), except if you live within the European Union and can provide a turnover ID number. If you live outside the European Union, no VAT has to be paid.

Discounts: If you buy more than two copies, you are entitled for discounts.
Please contact for more details.

Upgrading: If you want to upgrade from version Pro to NET/Office, you do not have to pay the full price, but a highly reduced price. Please contact for more details.

Free license keys: Educational institutions of any kind are entitled for a free license key, if the key is solely used for educational purposes to train MetaTexis users.
MetaTexis trainers and persons who translate the MetaTexis program, the MetaTexis homepage, or the MetaTexis manual also get a free license key.

Bank details:

Account holder: Hermann Bruns
Account-number: 6178669
IBAN: DE95200411110617866900
Bank: comdirect bank, 25449 Quickborn, Germany
German Blz: 200 411 11