MetaTexis for Word - Features




Lite Pro NET/Office
General features      
Runs on Microsoft Word X X X
Fully integrated (only one program needs to run) X X X
Supports all languages (full Unicode support) X X X
Updates available for free X X X
Free email support X X X
Fully customizable (including colors, interface language, shortcuts) X X X
WYSIWYG editing X X X
Input control/secure tag protection X X X
Quality control   X X
Blacklist/watchlist   X X
Translation Scout     X
Document types supported      
All kinds of text documents (all formats which can be imported by MS Word) X X X
Tagged documents (HTML, XML, OpenTag, XLIFF, FrameMaker, Interleaf, Quark Express, PageMaker, Ventura, Manual Maker, user defined)   X X
TRADOS Word documents, Wordfast documents, Logoport documents   X X
TRADOS Studio and TagEditor documents (SDLXLIFF, TTX)     X
PowerPoint files     X
Excel files     X
Translation memory and terminology/glossary      
Fuzzy matching X X X
TM and terminology search results on the same screen X X X
Comparison function (shows differences between original segments and segments retrieved from the TM) X X X
Automatic searching and saving X X X
Automatic substitution of numbers X X X
Multiple TM and glossaries X X X
Import filters for TMs and glossaries (TMX, Access, text files, TRADOS TMs, Wordfast TMs)   X X
Export filters for TMs and glossaries (TMX, Access, text files)   X X
Batch processing for document processing   X X
Access to MetaTexis Server     X
Access to TRADOS Workbench     X
Bidirectional searching in TMs and TDBs     X
Advanced search features (use TM as TDB, use TDB as TM)     X
Statistics, Indexes      
Index/concordance   X X
Analyze function (including internal leverage effects   X X
Segment info   X X
Cost calculation   X X
Word, segment, paragraph and character statistics   X X
Work-to-do calculation   X X
Time worked statistics   X X
Translator specific statistics   X X
External resources      
Integration of translation machines   X X
Integration of external dictionaries/glossaries   X X
Access to online resources via Internet   X X
Alignment tool   X X
Two alignment modes (document integration, segment mapping)   X X
Keyboard shortcuts   X X
Join/split segments   X X
Segments editable   X X
Export filters   X X