Why MetaTexis ?

Why would you use MetaTexis rather than any other CAT tool? Here is the answer including the advantages of the MetaTexis products compared to other CAT tools vendors.
Criteria What MetaTexis offers
Value for money Unrivalled. There are no other tools which combine low price and professional features in the way the MetaTexis products do. The MetaTexis products combine fast, innovative and powerful functions with a low price: You only have to pay a little more than 100 EURO to get a professional and user-friendly tool. And you only have to pay a few hundred EURO for the MetaTexis Server. You are invited to compare the price and the license restrictions with other CAT tool vendors like TRADOS, DejaVu, SDLX or Wordfast. You will find that MetaTexis is unrivalled in value for money.
Ease of use Intuitive and user-friendly. After installing a MetaTexis product you can start working immediately. The Start Assistant lets you define the main settings of MetaTexis for Word in a few seconds. You only need to run one program you know well: MS Word. And, unlike TRADOS you do not have to run several programs at the same time. Unlike DejaVu or SDLX MetaTexis is fully WYSIWYG enabled.
Compatibility Integrates easily. MetaTexis for Word can read and write TRADOS and Wordfast documents. The professional MetaTexis products can even directly use the TRADOS Workbench. All MetaTexis products can import and export TMX documents.
Installation As easy as it can be. Both MetaTexis for Word and the MetaTexis Server can be installed and set-up in a few minutes. There is only one installation program. MetaTexis for Word starts up very quickly because MetaTexis requires almost no compilation (unlike Wordfast).
Error proof Secure handling. You can hardly corrupt a document (except if this is your very objective). Compared with TRADOS and Wordfast, MetaTexis for Word uses a superior technology to identify and manage translation units in a Word document. Moreover, all MetaTexis products use professional database engines; therefore, the handling of the translation memories and terminology databases is secure and fast.
Integration Smooth. MetaTexis for Word integrates perfectly in Microsoft Word, thus combining the features of the most powerful Word processor with the ease of use and professional features of MetaTexis. MetaTexis for Word integrates absolutely seamlessly in the MetaTexis Server. You will hardly notice if you run you TM locally or via the MetaTexis Server.
Statistical features Complete. MetaTexis for Word not only provides detailed information about the documents translated, but also about each translation unit, including the translators who have worked on them. The MetaTexis Server can record all kinds of activities.
Quality management Unique combination of features. MetaTexis for Word combines the WYSIWYG approach and formal quality checking in unique way. The function Go to next TU to be revised allows you to navigate to any TU which need to be revised for any reason. The MetaTexis Server is unrivalled regarding ease-of-use, and it even includes a little WWW server!
Support Fast and competent. Directly by the programmer himself. Each user can influence the development of the MetaTexis products by sending an email to the MetaTexis support.