MetaTexis Server

The MetaTexis Server allows two or more translators to use the same translation memories (TMs) and the same terminology databases (TDBs) for their translation. To put it more technically: The MetaTexis Server is a server program that provides access to centrally stored translation memories and terminology databases for client programs that are run on computers connected to the server via LAN or Internet.

The MetaTexis Serve is easy to install and easy to run. It takes only a few minutes to install and configure the Server. Most computers being connected anyway nowadays, it is no problem to set up a MetaTexis net: You only need one normal Windows computer for the MetaTexis Server, while the translators will install MetaTexis NET/Office on their computers - that's basicall it!

If you are interested in the MetaTexis Server and would like to test it, please contact

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